1984 Blue Toyota Sprinter AE86

1. My 1984 Toyota Sprinter

Welcome to the first post of many!

As I write this, I am actually already a fair way through my restoration and decided to blog about it.

There are so many things I wish I had learnt about specific sprinter parts that fit certain trims and models but I never found the right information.

One of the purposes of this blog is to share my information with everyone.

The Australian Delivered Sprinter Front End (Zenki Levin)

Here is one of the last photos I took of my car before I started to strip it down.

When I first brought the car I had a BMWx5 as a daily and SW20 MR2 as a project car.

I actually didn’t need a third car but my dad got made redundant from Holden and told him to take the BMW, and I would find a new daily.

For years I had always wanted a Sprinter and picked this one up for $2800 in 2012 with the idea of it being a daily driver and track car.

I did many mods to the car over the 5 years I drove it before stripping the car down for a full resto in 2018.

Engine & Driveline:

  • 4AGE 16V 3 rib
  • Silver Top 20V ITB’s
  • Clive Cams 238a 270 degree cams, 8mm lift
  • Toda Valve Springs
  • TRD 0.8m head gasket
  • Adaptronic E420c
  • TRD Leads
  • Fujitsubo SuperEx headers
  • Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust
  • A slapped together bottom end with over 200k on it
  • T series diff with 4.1’s and a TRD 2 Way
  • Noisey and reliable T50

Brakes & Suspension:

  • JDM Front brakes
  • Brembo drilled & slotted discs
  • EBC Pads
  • Corona ST141 Rear Disc Brakes
  • Megan Springs
  • SW20 rear shocks with a custom gland nut up front
  • 90s Camaro AGX Shocks in the rear
  • Whiteline front and rear swaybars
  • Whiteline panhard rod


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