Levin front removed

2. The Trueno Headlights & Levin Radiator Support

Where do you start when you strip a car? It’s an interesting question when you think about it, so many options.

Teh Interior? Teh Engine? Teh Wheels?

I have a fetish for 80s pop up headlights and was performing a Trueno conversion, so I decided the front end was the best place to start.

This way I can test fit my Trueno front.

Test fitting trueno front bar and guards

The kouki Trueno bar mounts fit perfect and so did the front bar and guards.

The pop up headlights had a slight unforeseen problem..

ae86 levin brackets and pop up headlights

As you can see there is a mounting bracket spot welded to the radiator support panel that holds the Levin headlights in place.

The headlights do not sit in properly as they hit the mount.

I searched online and found no guides on Trueno conversions making any reference to the brackets.

I have friends in the Melbourne 86 scene who had Truenos. I looked through all the photos as I was not sure if the radiator panel was different or if the mount needed to be removed.

Eventually I found a post about AE86 owners in the US needing to weld the brackets on when doing a Levin conversion, the rest was self explanatory.

They need to be removed when doing a Trueno conversion.

You also might notice my headlights are quite bare, I took them fully apart and paint stripped them.

I wanted to get them power coated as the swivel rivets are press welded and would be a quite painful to remove for spray painting.

So, we need to remove the Levin headlight mounts. They are spot welded and you will need a spot weld cutter if you want to remove them properly.

There is a drill bit type spot weld cutter and a hole saw type. I prefer the latter type as I find it easier to gauge the depth.

spot weld cutter
The hole saw type spot weld cutter

Or you could just remove them the way my friends in Broadmeadows would, the same way they lower a VN Commodore and take to it with an angle grinder.

cutting the levin mount spotwelds

The idea with the spot weld cutter is to use a punch and mark the centre of the spot weld.

The sharp needle-like piece in the centre of spot weld cutter will hold it centred while you slowly apply pressure.

Cut slow and easy without spinning the drill up too fast, or you will burn out the cutter.

Cleaning up spotwelds

Once the bracket is removed I cleaned up the left over spot welds with a flap disc and a die grinder.

completed trueno headlight mount

Now the Trueno headlights fit perfectly. There are 5 m6 bolts in total that hold the headlight in.

The headlight frames look better than new after the powder coating with a matte finish.

Shout out to Harley for getting these done for me.

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